doodling at my edge


Last night as I sat to gather my thoughts on what I have to share with you this week, this is the doodle that flowed out of me. I am nearing the end of a six week yoga therapy class, and we are learning about practicing at the edge and how we may take this into life off of the mat.

I may actually be over my edge. You see for me, as I mentioned last week, sharing is the most challenging part of this doodle adventure. My inner critic taps on my shoulder – “what do you have important to share?” “you can barely keep up with this adventure – what business do you have being a guide?”

And then I sat and massaged my sore jaw (My dentist tells me I have a very tight jaw. TMJ?) and listened to the rain. And thought of the lovely messages I have received from doodlers – both personal messages and via social media.

I let me jaw relax, and I peered into the darkness.

I love this chronicling of my days in doodles. It is an adventure that there is no way to get wrong! And I know many of you are feeling this, too!


I had this idea when I began that my bound journal and my printed pages from the download would each have their own specific path. I have struggled with this, and so I am letting go. It is enough to be doodling on two sets of pages, to be working on the 2016 edition of the Daily Musings Journal (it’s coming and just above is a sneak peek of the cover elements), to be taking care of my wonderful clients, to be attending to my home and my self, and to be saving a little energy for summer fun.



Speaking of summer fun – I am posting a little early this week as I am headed up towards Independence Pass later today to be there when the USA Pro Cycling Challenge passes through tomorrow (Wednesday) on its way from Copper Mountain to Aspen.

My hubby and I will be camping out tonight and heading to the pass early in the morning to get a great spot along the side of the road. There will be time for a little exploring on the pass before the riders pass over in the mid-afternoon…think U.S. version of the Tour de France.

I plan to create some fun doodles to commemorate this day!


Be sure to visit Cindy Gilstrap of Junque Art this coming Friday, August 21 – for more doodle inspiration and another chance to win the September-December 2015 Daily Musings Journal PDF.

Click here to add your blog on the link share page and meet other doodling bloggers.

I trust you are having fun with your doodling – remember to keep it FUN, simple & true.

Thank you so very much for embarking on this journey with me.



P.S. It’s NEVER too late to start doodling. Click here to sign-up for the Doodle Days [of Summer] Musings Adventure and join the doodle fun!

And if you’re thinking you want to keep doodling in September— stay tuned! I will have a downloadable PDF of September – November Daily Musings Journal available at on August 26.



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2 responses to “doodling at my edge

  1. Oh! I feel like I must have somehow written part of this through you. I often get ideas about starting an art journaling group at out local library and actually at one point I was asked to start a group. I know others are interested. I am always telling myself “you have nothing important to say. Why should you teach a group?” Some days it is all I can do to find time to write in my own journal and then I look at the page and say “same old day at home. What do you have to say?” I love what you are doing. Your honesty, your sharing, amazing! Really.

  2. I am so honored to be on this journey with you! You are truly an inspiration and I’m so glad you decided to do this adventure and include us in it. LOVE it!

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